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Press Kit overview is the most technologically advanced and user-friendly dating site specifically created for the sexually liberated adults of our fast-paced modern world. It has been carefully designed and built to provide the sexy people from everywhere on this planet with an easy mean for finding and meeting the other sexy people who live within the same general area as they do. Its purpose is to gather in a single community all the persons who enjoy meeting new partners for casual sex and no-string attached relationships.

In order to achieve that goal, the's team has developed a state of the art technology that analyzes the profiles of all members and pinpoints their location to provide them with the potential matches that fit their stated preferences and live within a relatively short distance from their home. The resulting software is not only the most technologically advanced and user-friendly, but its type of approach is so convivial that it has attracted most of the liberated horny women around the world to register in order to discreetly find the sexual encounters they crave to spice-up their life.

Thanks to that clearly stated purpose and outlook, has attracted members who are by nature very open-minded and highly-sexed gals and guys.

So, whenever members of either sex log-in to, they are sure that all the profiles that are submitted to them by our analytical software correspond to their stated preferences and that they are also logged-in to find new partners for exciting encounters.

What happens between sexy people once they get in touch concerns only themselves and it's their responsibility to set together the basis of the relationship they want to establish. is just a high performance platform that allows its members to easily find and meet each other. The only thing that is adamantly required from members is the discretion needed too preserve other members’ reputation.

As members are provided with numerous profiles of likely matches within the area where they live, it's quite likely that they may see people they already know. In such cases, Sexy com request all its members to keep this information secret and to never put another member in an embarrassing situation. Beside this commitment to discretion, nothing else is required from members except the simple politeness and respect that make relationships between people agreeable and satisfying.

Registering for is completely free and the only things potential members need to provide is an appealing profile and picture as well as the above-mentioned commitment to discretion.

How to obtain a free membership and what to expect from it

Obtaining the free membership is very simple and fast. Just start by entering in your browser and it will immediately lead you to our landing page. There, you can select the language you prefer to use and answer a few basic questions to see if you are eligible. This takes less than 10 seconds. As soon as your eligibility is confirmed, just fill-in the required information to establish your profile, add a good picture of yourself and submit your registration. You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail and will just have to click on the link in it to activate your membership.

As soon as your membership is activated, you can start browsing through all the profiles of the suitable matches that's sophisticated software has identified within your area. These potential matches are always selected in accordance with your stated preferences and geographical location. From the moment of your acti

vation, all the members in your area whose preferences your profile matches will also be able to see it when you are online and start messaging you.

However, once you’ve thoroughly explored the site, received plenty of messages from desirable matches and are convinced that can indeed be an inexhaustible source of sexy encounters, you will need to upgrade your membership to Premium for a small monthly fee that varies depending on your location. This upgrading will allow you to chat and exchange messages in order to establish relationships with as many other members as you wish.

How does find its members' matches?'s technical team has developed an extremely efficient software that analyzes information such as your location, profile and preferences, as well as a few other details that we prefer to keep secret, in order to identify all the likely matches that live close to your home and provide you with their profiles. Our match-making technology is so sophisticated that it seems to work like magic and, like all magicians, we just don't reveals how our tricks work.

What are the probabilities of finding suitable matches?

With millions of members from both sexes and thousands more signing up every day, the probability of finding suitable matches on is very close

to 100%. Wherever you live, there will always be dozens if not hundreds of members from the opposite sex who will be online in your area at any moment.

And since all our members are on for the exact same reason as you are, there will always be plenty of opportunities to interact with the ones who are the most appealing to you. After the first contact is established, it all depends on you to transform every opportunity that has made possible for you into an actual sexy encounter.

Actually, there are so many sexy people of every type using that there are more chances of winning the lottery than of not finding a potential match. The site provides every member with a lot of opportunities to find new sexual partners, but once we've supplied the compatible profiles, it's every members responsibility to be savvy enough to capitalize on them!

Who are members and how many are there?

Since clearly states its purpose of helping the sexually liberated people of this world to find partners for casual sex and no-string-attached relationships, its membership is obviously constituted of open-minded people from both sexes who look for exactly that type of encounters. These members come from nearly all the countries in the world and, wherever they're from, there's always plenty of potential matches for them whenever they log-in. already has millions of registered users and thousands more sign-up every day, so we can’t tell you the exact number but can guarantee that it is huge and constantly growing. Since the words “sex” and “sexy” are among the most searched terms online and since we already have so many people logging-in every day, naturally comes among the first results that people get when they are browsing for other sexy people.

Every day, we have thousands of new people applying to see if they have what it takes to become a member and, even if quite a few of them eventually pair-off because they’ve found the perfect match and decided to stick with it, they are constantly replaced by newcomers and there is never a lack of potential matches anywhere on the planet. You're sure tonever miss the boat with us.

Just think of all the sexy girls who come across your path every day but that you don't have the opportunity to approach. Well there's a good chance that more than a few among them are already's members and that creating your own profile now could really help you finding them and start exchanging messages with as many as you want in no time at all.

Audience Metrics

The information below was derived from Google Analytics and provides an accurate estimate of the size and scale of's audience. These metrics were updated in September 2014 and will be regularly updated a few times a year.

Monthly unique visitors:
Monthly page views:
Page Views per visit:
Average time on the site:

Social Media Metrics

People who are into internet dating are generally quite socially-oriented, but the ones who are mainly looking for quick sex are a bit more discreet, mainly when they are already paired-off. However, most of those who are single are less inhibited about their search for suitable partners. That's why a lot of them who have been quite impressed by's efficiency at helping them find the matches they were dreaming of are delighted to spread the good word on their favorite social media and thus help us in recruiting even more new members. Here are the metrics related to's presence on the social medias.


User Demographics

As we mentioned earlier is popular with people looking for casual sex in nearly all the countries on the globe. After all, there are highly sexed people everywhere and nothing is as efficient as our site to help them in their constant quest for new adventures. It seems that, in general, men are a little more adventurous sexually than women, but, as we can see from our statistics, the discrepancy is not large enough to prevent males from finding plenty liberated women. You'll find below the breakdown of our membership between male and female as well as the list of the 10 top countries from which our members come.


Principal countries of origin

  1. USA
  2. India
  3. Canada
  4. Spain
  5. Brazil
  6. Germany
  7. United Kingdom
  8. France
  9. Netherlands
  10. Mexico

Opportunity for Webmasters's objective is naturally to use all possible means to increase it's visibility and recruit ever more new members. That is why it has devised various plans in order to interest webmasters from everywhere to promote our site. So, if you are a webmaster and have a certain volume of traffic, it is highly probable that a part of it will be attracted by the best dating offer that exists on the internet. Just click here to contact us and we will be delighted to analyze your traffic with you and provide you with top quality promotional tools that will help you diversify your offer with the most attractive dating site on the web.'s mission

Since the’s team is constituted of sexy people who created and launched that site because they also wanted an easier access to other sexy people, our credo is: “Sexy people want to find other sexy people, but relying on chance and bars to reach this goal rarely brings success”. So, our mission became a commitment to build the necessary infrastructures that would permit to gather in a same site the largest community of sexy people in the word and provide them with the most efficient and hassle-free system toallow them to easily find desirable matches close to their home and interact with them for their mutual satisfaction. This was the original mission when we launched and now that we have reach full stride it remains the object of our full dedication.