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About Us

What is It is the most advanced and user-friendly adult dating site to have come to existence in a long time. It beats any other site that existed before by a wide margin because it has been specifically crafted for modern sexy people who want to find discreet sexual adventures or no-sting-attached relationships close to their home.

In order to achieve this feat, we have developed and implemented advanced geo-locating and analytical software that allows our match-making system to automatically identify the suitable matches that are within a few kilometers of any of our member’s home.

Who is behind was created by a team of computer and web buffs who also happened to be a bunch of guys and gals who love to spice-up their sex life with frequent new sexy encounters. We all thought that the existing dating sites were either too romantic for people who only want to get laid or too complicated and costly. Worse, very often, the only suitable mates one could find in them were so far away that one had to travel to meet them in person.

We knew that anywhere on the planet, there are lots of sexy and horny people who want to have discreet sex, but need to keep a reputation and/or the stability of their marriage. Thus, obviously, this need for discretion impaired their ability to find and meet each other.

Our specialist of geo-locating software made us understand that it was technologically possible to create a world-wide site through which the sexy people from anywhere could easily find the other sexy people within their immediate environment without everybody around them knowing about it. So, we pooled all our energy and knowledge and created the dating platform of our dreams.

Since when does exist?

Since early 2013, when we launched it after a lot of brain-storming and intense designing work that permitted us to erase all the glitches and to offer the world a state-of-the art dating platform that allows every sexy person from anywhere to find plenty of sexy mates less than an hour away from their home.

How many members does have?

We chose as a name because we knew that sex and sexy are among the most researched words on the internet and that it would allow our site to come out so often in searches that thousands of people could come across it every day.

We also made our landing page so attractive and the formalities to become a free member so simple that, within a few months, we had more than a million registered members and the numbers kept climbing daily by the thousands. We don’t know the exact number our membership has reached by now, but our happy members are so numerous around the world that whenever they login they are sure to find dozens of suitable mates.

Is really free?

Yes, becoming a member is 100% free and the formalities are very simple. You just need to fill a simple form in which you give a valid e-mail address, state your preferences and provide a profile with a nice photo and a user name. That is as simple as that! As soon as it is done, our state-of-the art software analyses it and provides you with dozens of suitable matches that are online and live within an hour’s reach of your home.

What is's real mission?

From the beginning,’s mission has been to bring together the sexy people of the world in the simplest and most efficient manner possible. We created it because we know that sexy people are attracted by other sexy people but that, in a modern world that moves too fast, it is counterproductive to rely on chance to meet each other. We’re totally unique and we can guarantee you that your best chance of getting laid tonight is through a free membership in